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Zawierciański Park



Obtaining external funds, project consulting, advising and training.

We offer free consultations for all residents of the Zawiercie, including:

  • expert factual analysis prior to obtaining external funds
  • consultancy to obtain external funds,
  • preparing relevant documentation,
  • reliable investment project management,
  • expert funding management,
  • training projects,
  • project management.

Obtaining financing sources for:

  • local governments
  • public entities
  • entrepreneurs
  • research and educational institutions
  • public utility companies
  • business support institutions

Operational programs

Poland is the largest beneficiary of Union assistance. The European Union has allocated EUR 82.5 billion to our country over the 2014–2020 period. Funds will be invested in increasing the competitiveness of the Polish economy, improving social and territorial cohesion and in raising the effectiveness and efficiency of administration.

The funds will be invested in improving the competitiveness of the Polish economy, social and territorial cohesion, as well as the efficiency and competence of the administration. The main objective of the EU projects is to improve the standard of living through economic and employment growth.

Supporting the business owners currently operating and planning to operate in the city involves both business advisory and consulting services to obtain advantageous financing, including the EU funds and assistance in the commercialization of scientific research, implementation of patents and advanced technologies.

Zawiercie Industrial and Technological Park creating ideal conditions for the development of innovative ideas, and close collaboration with the scientific community makes it an excellent partner in the commercialization of scientific research and development of innovative solutions.

Improving the competitiveness of Polish companies is now largely associated with the investments in research and development, and cannot be achieved without the support of the research centers, specialized infrastructure and experts. Contacts with the entrepreneurs may provide a significant source of funding for the Polish science, stimulate development and inspire new ideas. EU funds are one of the tools to help establish the collaboration.

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